Cash grants for Jersey families hit by storm Ciarán

Storm damage near Highlands College in Jersey
Image caption,Storm Ciarán caused widespread damage across the island

A fund set up to help islanders hit by Storm Ciarán in November has distributed its first round of grants.

The Bailiff’s Fund, which has so far raised £165,000, has released £72,104 to 38 families via the Jersey Community Foundation (JCF).

The JCF said grants were aimed at helping those families struggling with costs, ranging from building repairs to replacing damaged children’s toys.

It said the remaining funds would be administered in the new year.

Storm Ciarán hit Jersey overnight on 2 November, causing widespread damage across the island and forcing some families out of their homes.

Anna Terry, CEO of the JCF, said she had been “humbled” by the applications for funding.

‘Emotional toll’

“The Storm’s impact was (and continues to be) very significant for families whose lives and homes have been displaced,” Ms Terry said.

“We are grateful and proud of the philanthropic spirit shown by our community, including generous businesses and individuals who have offered financial support to those most affected by the storm.

“The applications have further illustrated the scope of the damage and the extent to which our community needs, and is grateful for, the Island’s philanthropic support.”

One applicant told the JCF panel: “The emotional toll of this experience has been immense, and the financial repercussions have been equally challenging.

“The repercussions of the event have created a lot of unforeseen expenses.”

The JCF, an independent philanthropic charity, said grants ranged from £500 to £5,000.

It said requests for funds included contributions to repairing significant structural damage to property and cars, storage costs and temporary accommodation.

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