People urged to stay away from nature reserve, due to traffic

Starling murmuration
Image caption,Murmurations are huge groups of starlings that swirl across the sky in shape-shifting clouds

People are being asked not to visit a nature reserve to watch starling murmurations over the festive period.

RSPB Otmoor is urging people to avoid visiting during the Christmas and New Year break because of traffic.

Visitors would normally travel to the site in the winter to watch huge groups of starlings that appear around dusk.

But the nature reserve said the increase in visitors leads to significant traffic issues, including in neighbouring villages.

It added that this makes parking difficult, and results in damage to the soft road verges and car park edges – leading to cars getting stuck and gateways being blocked.

This in turn prevents emergency vehicle access.

While visitors are being asked to stay away from the reserve until after New Year’s Day, the starlings often stay well into the new year and even through to February.

One person said on Facebook: “Very sad for those of us who are unable to visit during term-time thanks to teaching.

“I’m missing Otmoor a lot at the moment but it’s not enjoyable when rammed with people!”

Another added: “That’s a shame, as for some it is only time we could possibly get there when not working, but I understand the problem so will probably watch elsewhere.”

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